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Comfortable and ergonomic opening of safety doors

Door handle actuator SAFEMASTER STS


Machines and plants often are safeguarded by safety fences and must be entered at frequent intervals for maintenance work or to eliminate faults. Due to more and more complex plants and dangerous processes, ensuring the safety of the machine operator is the top priority.


With the new door handle actuator DOLD extends its safety switch and key transfer system SAFEMASTER STS with a comfortable and ergonomic opening of safety guards and doors. And all this without compromises in safety!


Door handle actuator SAFEMASTER STS

The stable door handle can be used for left and right hinged doors and can be rotated in 90° steps if a horizontal handle position is not possible due to the system.



  • Self-adjusting up to 20 mm for large tolerances
  • Can be converted for right / left-hand fence
  • Optionally with coded actuator against manipulation
  • Optionally with handle on the inside
  • Escape release possible with safety switch


Even in times of corona we want to show you our new product:


Video Door handle actuator

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