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Added value for customers

Smart motorstarter with Modbus RTU


Motorstarter UG 9410

The motorstarter UG 9410 of the MINISTART series from DOLD can be connected directly to system controllers via the integrated Modbus interface, thus enabling optimum device configuration and flexible process control.


Particularly when a large number of drive tasks are involved, such as the smooth start-up and shutdown of conveyor belts to protect the goods or the brief start-up and shutdown of screw conveyors to release blockages, the smart motorstarter fully exploits its strengths. It provides the control system with process-determining information such as motor current, motor output or other status data from the field - without any additional device peripherals.


It is not only by providing information that the motorstarter UG 9410 creates significant added value for its customers. Parameterization and control directly via the bus line also saves digital inputs and outputs on the control system as well as the associated wiring to the control inputs of conventional motorstarters and contactors without bus interface. With the integrated motor protection function, phase failure and phase sequence monitoring as well as the combination of wear-free semiconductor technology and robust relay technology, the motorstarter ensures reliable operation of 3-phase drives up to 2.2 kW.


It is suitable for motors of efficiency class IE3 and is also available in a 1-phase version.