Multifunctional Modular Safety System

Safety-Controller – with field bus connection, software free


A safe island in non-safe field bus systems is the cost effective solution for safety applications of medium complexity. SAFEMASTER M has the functionality of a safety PLC which can be extended modularly with or without field bus connection. The heart of the system is the control unit. Integrated are input channels for e.g. 2  e-stop buttons and 4 start buttons as well as 3 safety category 4 output channels.

If more in- and outputs are required, extension modules will be simply connected to the control unit. The maximum configuration allows to connect e.g. up to 26  e-stop buttons or 12 light curtains, safety gates or 2-hand buttons or combinations of the different types. If this is not sufficient, more in- and outputs can be  monitored and controlled by using hierarchic groups.

The safety function of each module is defined by the user. Thanks to „switch programming“, SAFEMASTER M does not need any complex configuration or diagnostic software. A simple screw driver is sufficient for programming: by turning a switch, a 4 channel e-stop module is changed into a 4 channel gate monitor or a 4 channel light curtain module, or combinations of the different functions.