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Wireless E-stop function


The innovative DOLD Safemaster W with BG- approval offers additional safety when entering mobile and stationary machines and plants especially with large or unobserved dangerous areas. The safety details are performance level (PL) “e” according to DIN ISO 13849-1 and safety category 4 according to DIN EN 954-1. Using a remote control, dangerous movements can be stopped safely in shortest time via radio connection. The main components are a  ompact, ergonomic handheld remote control and the radio controlled safety module. The remote control includes beside the safety function also additional  control functions  with configurable push buttons or switches for user specific operations. Different operator permissions can be achieved by using different  electronic keys on the remote control. As option an infra red transmitter (non safety) limits the possibility of an unintended restart without viewing the system. With this Safemaster W guarantees a higher operator safety in automatic and setup operation with better and more economic performance for maintenance and setup.