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Electrical Safety for Power Supplies!

Reliable Insulation Surveillance in IT Networks


Insulation monitor RN 5897

The demand for the availability of machines and plants in the region of factory machinery and process technology is constantly increasing. The requirement for this is a functioning and reliable power supply. Unexpected insulation faults in the plants can lead to unwanted supply disruptions culminating in damages to persons and property. Therefore, insulation surveillance equipment in IT systems is required.


The insulation monitor RN 5897 from the VARIMETER IMD series from DOLD was specifically developed for use in modern power supplies. These are often comprised of converters, thyristor regulators, and direct current components. Through EMV interference suppression measures, high leakage capacitance onto the ground is present. The RN 5897 is suitable for system leakage capacitance up to 1000 µF as well as for voltages up to DC/AC 300 V. Using an additional ballast unit, it is possible to use the system with voltages reaching up to AC 760 V and DC 1000 V.


As well as an adjustable alarm threshold, the insulation monitors also enable a configurable warning signal. A multicoloured LCD screen constantly updates stating the current insulation value. The insulation monitors guarantee additional surveillance over current-free networks. A selective earth fault detection of L+ and L- enables quick fault localisation.


The insulation monitors will also be used in USV facilities, photovoltaic facilities, mobile generators and so forth.