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Greater safety thanks to new elevator standard

Safety module for use in safety circuits of lift systems according to the new EN 81-20


Safety module LG 5925/034


Since the effective date 01.09.2017, elevator applications throughout Europe must meet higher requirements according to the new standards EN 81-20/-50. The regulations ensure the necessary safety for passengers in the new generations of modern elevators.


The 22.5 mm slim safety module LG 5925/034 from DOLD enables the efficient implementation of standard-compliant safety applications and can also be used as an alternative to mechanical safety switches. In particular, the safety-related bridging of the door and locking device switches during retraction and adjustment of the cabin in the unlocking zone is one of his many tasks:


Safe opening and closing of the lift doors must only be possible when the cabin is at a standstill. At the same time, quick boarding and alighting is becoming increasingly important, which is achieved by a special control system that allows the lift doors to open just a few centimetres before the final stopping position in order to achieve faster passenger changes.


All lifts for the transport of persons with speeds exceeding 0.15 m/s are subject to the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, under which EN 81-20 is harmonised. The TÜV-tested device is equally suitable for use in freight elevators and facilitates the implementation of the appropriate protective measures on a technical and economic level.