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Latest press releases from DOLD


Latest press releases from DOLD


Full functionality at the front of the enclosure

The electronic enclosure KV 4600 sets new standards in modularity and function.
High flexibility, modularity and multifunctionality are requirements for today's control and automation devices. Equipment manufacturers also place these expectations on enclosure systems. They must be individually designable and configurable. The enclosure KV 4600 from DOLD gives manufacturers exactly the flexibility they need for their automation devices with regard to IOT and ...more

Preventive maintenance

Multifunctional measuring relay with Modbus connection
Detecting errors as they occur or continuous monitoring of machines and plants significantly increases system availability and avoids expensive downtimes and repairs. Measuring relays are used to reliably monitor electrical and physical operating variables. Preventive maintenance is also possible through continuous monitoring. The multifunctional measuring relay UG 9400 of the VARIMETER PRO series from DOLD is ...more

Gentle start

Softstarter for starting current limitation and jerk-free starting
Three-phase or asynchronous motors are often the first choice for setting drives, plants, pumps, fans and conveyor belts in motion. These motors are designed to reach the required nominal speed very quickly.However, this also means that the power requirement (up to eight times the rated current) rises sharply as a result of the rapid start-up. The high acceleration torque would cause a strong ...more

Greater safety thanks to new elevator standard

Safety module for use in safety circuits of lift systems according to the new EN 81-20
Since the effective date 01.09.2017, elevator applications throughout Europe must meet higher requirements according to the new standards EN 81-20/-50. The regulations ensure the necessary safety for passengers in the new generations of modern elevators.The 22.5 mm slim safety module LG 5925/034 from DOLD enables the efficient implementation of standard-compliant safety ...more

Are you driving or charging?

Fast charging but safe - insulation monitoring in DC charging stations
The number of electric vehicles is constantly increasing and will grow even faster in the future. This will also help to expand the charging station infrastructure, as DC charging stations are the first choice when electric vehicles need to be charged in the shortest possible time. Electrical safety must be ensured during the charging process. For this purpose, an unearthed DC power supply system ...more

Control functions on safety door

Guard lock with command and indication functions
DOLD extends the safety switch and key transfer system SAFEMASTER STS by a further safety switch with guard lock. Up to three command and indication functions can be easily integrated into these. SAFEMASTER STS thus combines the advantages of safety switches, guard locks, key transfer and command functions in a single system. This meets the highest safety requirements up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3.The integrated ...more

Multifunctional measuring relay

Now also approved for use on ships
With the MK 9300N of the VARIMETER PRO series, DOLD combines up to nine monitoring functions in a housing only 22.5 mm wide. This universal measuring and monitoring relay thus offers a functional diversity unparalleled so far at this minimal unit width.Troublefree and economic operation of machines and systems is guaranteed only by the reliable and continuous monitoring of three-phase systems. Depending on the need, the VARIMETER ...more

Wireless Functional Safety

Safety and control functions via radio
Whether in bidirectional pair operation or unidirectional group operation – the innovative wireless safety system UH 6900 of the DOLD SAFEMASTER W series ensures the safety-oriented, wireless transmission of emergency stop and control functions. As a result, the safety system provides more flexibility in safeguarding hazardous areas as well as greater efficiency and economy. The wireless safety system comes into its own ...more

Secure drive systems sensorless

Safe frequency monitor now also with UL apporval
Ensure high security for an economical price, the speed and frequency monitor UH 6937 from the SAFEMASTER S series opens up new possibilities in machine safety for construction, planning, and retrofitting, for instance in wood machining or for tooling machines.Monitoring the output frequency of drive inverters is just one of its many uses. In case of over- or under-frequency, or if the frequency falls outside the set ...more

Electrical Safety for Power Supplies!

Reliable Insulation Surveillance in IT Networks
The demand for the availability of machines and plants in the region of factory machinery and process technology is constantly increasing. The requirement for this is a functioning and reliable power supply. Unexpected insulation faults in the plants can lead to unwanted supply disruptions culminating in damages to persons and property. Therefore, insulation surveillance equipment in IT systems is required.The ...more

Comfortable Speed Monitoring

Increased safety with machines and devices
With the safe speed monitor UH 6932 from the SAFEMASTER S-Series offers DOLD a comfortable solution for safety-focused speed monitoring, and how it comes into usage in wind turbines, centrifuges or in stage technology. The device excels itself particularly through simple operation and comfortable equipment. Standstill, high and low speed, are safely monitored in automatic operation as well as adjustment.The speed monitor ...more

Comfortable and ergonomic opening of safety doors

Door handle actuator for SAFEMASTER STS
Machines and plants which are safeguarded by protective fences must be entered at regular in-tervals for maintenance work or for troubleshooting. With the door handle actuator, convenient and ergonomic opening of doors and safety guards is possible on these machines and plants without compromising safety. The movable, self-adjusting actuator allows the closing elements to be offset by up to 20 mm. This ensures full ...more

Sensorless monitoring

Standstill monitor safe and sensorless with only 22.5 mm
During maintenance and service work or the elimination of faults on machines and plants, intervention during the production process is often necessary. In many applications the access areas are protected by safety doors. The safety door must not be unlocked until moving parts of the system come to a standstill. Here the sensorless standstill monitor UG 6946 of the SAFEMASTER S series from DOLD, with its small ...more

It all depends on the right turn

Smart motorstarter with automatic phase sequence correction
For conveyors with preferred direction of rotation and actuators in process engineering, it must be ensured that the motors always start in the same direction. The correct phase sequence must also be observed for mobile, electrical machines and devices such as used by the fire brigade, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief or on construction sites. It can happen that the rotating field is not ...more

Railway safety

Interface module HL 3094N - Rail traffic continues to increase. Longer, heavier, faster and always safer
More and more people and goods are being transported by rail. This increases the demands on technology and safety. In order to meet the high safety standards and applicable standards according to EN 50155 in railway technology, high-quality relays with forcibly guided contacts according to DIN EN 61810-3 are used.Relays with forcibly guided contacts have contact ...more

Quick insulation fault location

Now with Modbus RTU
The fault-detection process for insulation faults can become a costly and time-consuming process in extensive industry systems. The insulation fault location system of the VARIMETER EDS family from DOLD, consisting of a test current generatorRR 5886 and the insulation fault search device RR 5887, monitors and locates insulation faults in a quick and safe manner in complex, isolated AC/DC mains (IT systems). The Modbus RTU interface allows a fast ...more

Added value for customers

Smart motorstarter with Modbus RTU
The motorstarter UG 9410 of the MINISTART series from DOLD can be connected directly to system controllers via the integrated Modbus interface, thus enabling optimum device configuration and flexible process control.Particularly when a large number of drive tasks are involved, such as the smooth start-up and shutdown of conveyor belts to protect the goods or the brief start-up and shutdown of screw conveyors to release blockages, ...more

Super compact safety module

More safety in a space-saving 17.5 mm
The 17.5 mm wide e-stop module UF 6925 of the SAFEMASTER series offers the highest safety in the narrowest spaces. The device is well-suited to monitor emergency stop buttons and safety gates in almost any application. Its broad voltage range from DC 8 to 36 V makes it impervious to voltage fluctuations, such as those that occur when activating battery-fed devices. This predestines the safety module for a great variety of ...more

Safety switch and key transfer system

Robust stainless steel mechanism in an attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) design
SAFEMASTER STS combines the advantages of safety switches, guard locks, key transfer, and command functions in a single system. The highly robust stainless steel construction, trusted for many years, is now available with an even more sophisticated design. It offers a rugged stainless steel mechanism in an attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) housing.The safety system was ...more

Reliably identify current faults!

Increased availability of machines and devices
The residual current monitor RN 5883 of the VARIMETER RCM family from DOLD, sensitive to all universal currents, records current faults either with DC or AC components in earthed supply systems (type B). Through early recognition of insulation faults, the RN 5883 provides a preventative service and maintains machines and devices. System downtime and production disruptions can consequently be avoided. The residual ...more

Now with safer speed monitoring

Configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO
DOLD expands the functional range of its modular and configurable safety systems SAFEMASTER PRO around safer drive function. It allows up to 12 axes to be monitored.The TÜV-certified system for safety requirements up to PL e/Cat. 4 and SIL CL3 also offers modules for safer speed and standstill monitoring of 1 or 2 axes per module. The speed measurement can occur either by using an encoder or a proximity sensor.The ...more

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