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Now with safer speed monitoring

Configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO


Modular and configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO

DOLD expands the functional range of its modular and configurable safety systems SAFEMASTER PRO around safer drive function. It allows up to 12 axes to be monitored.


The TÜV-certified system for safety requirements up to PL e/Cat. 4 and SIL CL3 also offers modules for safer speed and standstill monitoring of 1 or 2 axes per module. The speed measurement can occur either by using an encoder or a proximity sensor.


The control unit already has 8 secure inputs, 2 safe double channel outputs and 4 test outputs with a construction width of only 22.5mm, and is also usable as a stand-alone module.


In addition to the control unit, a maximum of 14 extension modules are connected. With that, the SAFEMASTER PRO at maximum configuration enables 128 safe inputs and 16 safety-focused, dual channel semi-conductor outputs.


The safety system monitors safety functions such as emergency shut off, safety door, light barriers, two-hand, speed monitoring and much more. The simple configuration of the safety system enables, in terms of software, the SAFEMASTER PRO Designer by Drag & Drop. With that, a system with numerous automation tasks can be realised - from the simplest machines to interlinked devices, up to highly complex solutions.