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Railway safety

Interface module HL 3094N - Rail traffic continues to increase. Longer, heavier, faster and always safer


Interface module HL 3094N


More and more people and goods are being transported by rail. This increases the demands on technology and safety. In order to meet the high safety standards and applicable standards according to EN 50155 in railway technology, high-quality relays with forcibly guided contacts according to DIN EN 61810-3 are used.


Relays with forcibly guided contacts have contact opening distances greater than 0.5 mm over the entire service life as required by standards. It permits the switching of higher DC currents, which is necessary for use on railway vehicles according to EN 50155, in which a DC main is usually present. In this application, the module serves as an interface component in DC circuits. In addition, the forced guidance of the contacts with the diagnostic option via the NC contact also offers the possibility of using the relay in safety-relevant circuits.


The interface module HL 3094N is integrated into the system as an interface component between controller and load simply in the switch cabinet on the DIN rail. Cage clamp terminals ensure constant contact forces and vibration-proof connection technology. The HL 3094N is available in a soldered or plug-in version.