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Super compact safety module

More safety in a space-saving 17.5 mm


Not-Aus-Modul UF 6925

The 17.5 mm wide e-stop module UF 6925 of the SAFEMASTER series offers the highest safety in the narrowest spaces. The device is well-suited to monitor emergency stop buttons and safety gates in almost any application. Its broad voltage range from DC 8 to 36 V makes it impervious to voltage fluctuations, such as those that occur when activating battery-fed devices. This predestines the safety module for a great variety of applications in machine and plant engineering and in mobile applications.


The emergency stop module fulfils the highest safety requirements, up to PL e / Cat. 4 or SIL 3 and is UL approved. In comparison to other safety modules available on the market, the device saves over 20% of space in the switch cabinet. Besides its low space requirements, the safety module also stands out for its time-saving wiring, which requires no tools. The push-in cage clamp terminals on the front side ensure fast and easy device connections.


Switches on the back of the device provide a temper-proof setting. This allows the operator to select the start type and cross fault detection. LED displays facilitate fast diagnostics.


It can be used in battery-operated systems, driverless transportation systems, construction vehicles, and crane equipment. In addition, the safety module is permitted for use in furnaces pursuant to EN 50156-1 and for safety related systems for the process industry pursuant to IEC/EN 61511.